Rio de Janeiro: The Redeemer

Day 3: Lost…

After a quick flight and taxi ride, I was walking the streets of Rio realizing I had to buy a few necessities – namely flip flops (Havaianas are cheap and easy to find), a towel (much needed after trying to dry myself with paper towels and my bed sheet in my last hostel!) and some cash (sometimes VISA just isn’t everywhere you want to be!).

I was feeling so productive. I was navigating the language barrier. I had successfully communicated “towel” through charades. And I had learned what my European shoe size is. This was right about when I lost my phone.

Yup, three days in and I had lost my damn phone! I searched for 20-30 minutes and then contacted my carrier to suspend my service until I could buy a replacement phone. I was really trying to no freak out…I mean, I knew something was bound to happen during the trip – I just didn’t think it would happen so soon!

I decided to deal with getting a new phone another day and head to the beach. Though the beach was packed, especially for a Thursday, it was beautiful and relaxing. So I stripped down to the skimpy shorts I bought for the trip and was having a great time until some knucklehead stole my shorts. Correction – my only shorts. REALLY RIO?!?? COME ON!! And to top it off, some girl nearby told me she watched the guy walk up and take them – she didn’t do anything about it, but she was happy to fill me in on the details. Humph.

All I could think was the was the Universe’s way of helping me by:

  • Further stripping down what I was carrying and lightening my load
  • Reinforcing the importance of not getting attached to stuff – especially stuff that wasn’t absolutely necessary for my safety and experiences
  • Putting me on guard before I lost something that was of real importance, like my passport

…and Found

To be perfectly honest, by the end of the third day, I was feeling pretty disappointed with my Brazil experience. I was having a hard time connecting with people because I didn’t speak Portuguese, I was feeling a little lonely and I was trying really hard to start this damn blog without sounding like I was looking for a bus to step in front of and end it all.

Then it happened. There were two guys staying in my hostel and one of them – Gabriel – asked if I wanted to go out with them to a club.

After a little convincing, I agreed to go and it changed my whole trip!


For your geographic enlightenment: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 11.35.35 PM


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