Down Days Suck!

I had one of those days when I’m traveling that I don’t have anything planned and feel the need to not waste a day just sitting around. Don’t get me wrong — I think rest days are good when traveling for a long period. But having had a planned rest day two days before, I was feeling the need to be productive.

The Distraction Reaction

Unfortunately, this need was manifesting unproductive thought processes…what I’m searching for on this trip and in life…whether this trip is just an escape tactic from some unfulfilling career choices…why I’m wasting time lazing around when I could be experiencing something new and interesting…if all these questions are just a byproduct of wanting to live up to other people’s expectations.

So I did what any other OCD (overwhelmingly crazy ‘do-aholic’) person would — I decided to distract myself from these thoughts with productive tasks:

Dine and Digest

The day ended with a good dinner with Juan Pablo where he tried to make me feel better about having some unproductive days during my year-long trip…bless his heart!

But in all honesty, I really wasn’t feeling all that bad. I know there will be days when I feel lonely, unproductive, uncertain, insecure, lost, scared or any combination of these. I also know that I will deal with — and learn from — them and they will be balanced by days of excitement, elation, belonging, joy, pride and many other positive feelings!

I believe the universe is conspiring for me — as it does for all of us — and will provide me with everything I need to learn, grow and get the most out of this trip and life as I can.


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