Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

After breakfast, Magda and I headed across the river for some rock climbing with our new friends, Emiliano (aspiring Argentinian guide), Sam (Belgian refugee camp worker with dreadlocks traveling for the last 2 years) and Julian (short, smiley Argentinian).

Needing to beat the sun before it heated the rocks and made them unclimbable, we hit the rock face by 10:30 am and enjoyed beautiful views of the city with Fitz Roy Mountain in the background and the meeting of the darker-colored Rio del Bosque and Rio Fitz Roy.


Let me tell you…Sam was a CLIMBING MACHINE! He had been climbing for 4-5 years and had that amazing ability make every climb look as easy as walking up stairs.

What cracked me up about Magda was that she was constantly saying: “I don’t think I can make it. But I will try, of course!” just before she would totally power through a touch power move!

Vino Me This, Vino Me That…Whose Drinking Great Malbec?

A long day of climbing deserves some rewards. Ours were a nice bottle of Malbec, a fantastic salad and a beautiful view of the sunset on Fitz Roy Mountain!




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